Official presentation of the Blue Resolution Project

Official presentation of the Blue Resolution Project

Celebrating the presentation of the Blue Resolution project in grand style, amongst the green Tuscan hills, project organisers explained to press, guests and stakeholders the aims and phases of the initiative.

Set on a breathtakingly gorgeous hillside, this was an exceptional place to discuss the bottom of the sea. The convent of Giaccherino, architectural treasure dating from the fifteenth century, soars above the valleys of Pistoia and confidently dominates the unique panorama below.

“We wanted a view from a height, expressing perspective, to communicate the farsightedness of this collaboration between the Sant’Anna Institute of Pisa and a producer of frozen food” – this is how Maurizio Arbi explains why they chose the convent of Giaccherino to present Blue Revolution.

In the presence of press, other companies, institutional and business stakeholders, and with the participation of a select number of famous guests, Arbi presented the Blue Resolution project, as explained by project leaders Marcello Calisti and Cecilia Laschi. Also taking part was Marco Frey, director of the Master’s degree in Management and Control of the Environment.

“It was a chance to share not only the project’s assets and aims – Alessandro Arbi tells us – but also our company’s authentic commitment. At Arbi we’ve had the courage to revisit our own production processes based on ethical, environmental principles – and we have chosen to be different. Clean energy, less plastic, new, more efficient processes and investments have resulted from this reflection. These are big steps, where the returns are not financial but in true value. We cannot escape our responsibilities towards the planet and the health of future generations”.

Music, drinks and conversation late into the night at an evening that – speeches over – continued with the pleasure of spending time together.