Dissemination, awareness-raising and sharing

The second phase of the Blue Resolution project involves the commitment by Arbi and the Institute of Management of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna to inform, make aware and involve stakeholders and the whole community in activities and concrete actions for the defence of our seas.

This activity has three facets:

Finding out: evaluating, planning and monitoring interventions. Firstly, some seabeds off the Italian coast will be analysed in order to collect data on the quantity of macro and micro plastics present in the Mediterranean. This data will also constitute the first scientific evaluation on the diffusion of micro plastics on our seabeds. In this context, a mapping of stakeholders will be carried out and a tool will be developed for defining the problem, the risks it generates and the activities to be undertaken in the area of reference.

Acting: in this phase we will work to define the problem in the pilot area, to directly involve the stakeholders and to define and implement a set of actions, using a tool for identifying actions based on the characteristics of the problem and on the peculiarities and objectives of the individual actors.

Informing: raising awareness in the population and inviting it to act more sustainably. In this phase, all possible channels will be used to achieve a tangible impact for the project and to create sound knowledge of the problem to realize concrete, shared actions, as well as to accomplish scientific divulgation. We will also carry out an economic evaluation of the damage deriving from the presence of marine litter, for accurate analysis of the problem and more effective communication.