Here come the eco-friendly straws!

Here come the eco-friendly straws!

It’s really true: our planet is sending us help signals. Signs that we can no longer ignore, and the marine ecosystem is in great difficulty because of our bad behaviour!

Global warming and pollution at astronomical levels are nothing other than evident examples of this; and even if we are trying to put a stop to what has now become a global emergency, it is also true that solving problems of this magnitude in a couple of days is not that simple.

Plastic, for example, is one of the greatest enemies, where pollution is concerned. A problem that connot be underestimated. Look at all the legislation recently coming out to try and limit its consumption. Even many of the world’s most famous brands are trying to find alternatives to the use of plastic. It is a type of material that is hugely present both on land and sea and, unfortunately, it takes a lot of decades to decompose.

In this regard, the invention of Tran Minh, the Vietnamese gentleman who has invented biodegradable straws made entirely from a type of grass called “Lepironia articulata”, is very useful. A simple and biodegradable material, found in Nature.
Of course, straws are a very convenient and useful thing but, made out of plastic, they do nothing but increase a very serious problem for the whole environment. This is why the solution created by Tran Minh could be the first step to eliminating production of this object in its plastic version.

But let’s get into detail: how are they produced? The hollow grass stems are harvested, then washed and cut to 20 centimetres. The straws last about one week if left at room temperature or two weeks if kept in the fridge.

But that’s not all! Tran also produces a version of the straws that are dried for two days in the sun, then baked in the oven. This version can last up to six months if kept at room temperature and can be used multiple times, then thrown into organic waste once they become unusable. Their special feature lies in the fact that they are never treated with chemicals or other types of preservatives. So they don’t alter the taste of drinks and can be reused to clean your teeth after meals.

The process ends with tying the products in bundles of 100 and shipping them to foreign customers.

Well, it may seem like a small step, but all together we can make a difference!